Custom Airbrushed Pool Designs

Mike also does custom pool repainting.  These swimming pool murals can incorporate any design you want. Swimming Pool Repainting Many people find it hard to believe the three dimensional quality of these designs. The colors are really amazing. Here's another view of the same repainted … [Read more...]

Custom Airbrushed Jet Ski

Here you can see a custom painted (airbrush) Jet Ski done by artist Michael Talo.  Sea Turtle theme. Contact Mike Talo for a quote on your own project. More custom airbrush art by Mike Talo. … [Read more...]

Custom Airbrushed Helmets

Mike Talo is also proficient in custom airbrushed painting and airbrush art. Here is just some of his work, a custom airbrushed helmet. Contact Mike Talo to get started on your own project. … [Read more...]

Custom Metal Etching On Gun

One of the many art mediums that Michael Talo is proficient in is metal etching or metal etched art. Contact Mike Talo to get him started on your own project. … [Read more...]

Oil Paintings by Mike Talo

Here you can see some of the incredible "Oil Paintings" created by Michael Talo.  More content added soon. --- --- --- … [Read more...]