Etched Concrete NFL Logo Green Bay Packers

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Here’s a Green Bay Packers logo I etched into the concrete floor of a Man Cave.

etched concrete green bay packers logo

Below is what it looks like after being painted.

etched concrete and painted Packers logo in concrete floor

Most any design can be etched into concrete whether it is outside or inside.  See this post for another design I did on a concrete dock.

Garage floor etched designs, driveways, piers, wharfs, basement floor, etc.

Indoor designs can be painted (or stained), outdoor designs do better and the color lasts longer if they are stained.

Contact Mike to talk to him about your custom concrete etching ideas.

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  1. Franny Marconi says:

    Go Packers! I’ve never seen a Packer logo etched into concrete like that before. Nice!

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