Michael Talo Documentary

Mike Talo talks about his humble beginnings in this exclusive video. To see some of his incredible creations scroll down the page, or browse the "categories" list to the right. If you would like to contact Mike please see his Contact Page. … [Read more...]

Airbrushed Tailgate For 1936 Ford Truck

Here's a Wile E Coyote design airbrushed onto a '36 Ford truck's tailgate. With more color... Contact Mike to talk to him about your custom airbrushing project. … [Read more...]

Etched Concrete NFL Logo Green Bay Packers

Here's a Green Bay Packers logo I etched into the concrete floor of a Man Cave. Below is what it looks like after being painted. Most any design can be etched into concrete whether it is outside or inside.  See this post for another design I did on a concrete dock. Garage floor … [Read more...]

Book Illustration

Mike Talo has also used his artistic talents to illustrate a children's book titled "A day with Stanley". Here's a link to the local news story about the book. Below are some of the pictures. You can visit the book's Facebook page Here. ..... Contact Mike to talk to him about your … [Read more...]

Custom Airbrushed Swimming Pool Project – Video

Check Out This Custom Designed Pool Painting Video (video was produced in 2007 - Phone #'s listed in video are no longer valid - Contact Mike Talo Here for more information. See more pictures and details of this custom painted swimming pool design Here. … [Read more...]

Custom Airbrushed Pool Designs

Mike also does custom pool repainting.  These swimming pool murals can incorporate any design you want. Swimming Pool Repainting Many people find it hard to believe the three dimensional quality of these designs. The colors are really amazing. Here's another view of the same repainted … [Read more...]

Etched & Airbrushed Concrete Art

What you see here is called "Etched and Airbrushed Concrete".  Mike can do just about any kind of design you want in your concrete driveway, concrete pier (like you see here), or any solid concrete surface.  Contact Mike to know more. Embedded Graphics In Concrete The design is actually … [Read more...]

Custom Carved Moose Antler

The talents of artist Michael Talo are many. Here is one of his most recent projects - a custom carved art design on a moose antler. (no moose were harmed in the making of this art) Contact Mike for a quote if you have a similar project in mind. See more custom carvings done by Mike … [Read more...]

Custom Carved Gun Stock

A custom carved gun stock created by Michael Talo. Contact Mike for a quote on your own project. See more custom carving by Mike Talo. … [Read more...]

Custom Antler Art – Bald Eagle With Fish

Michael Talo's custom carved bald eagle.  Do you see the fish in his claws? Created from a deer antler. Contact Mike for a quote on your own custom wood carving or "antler art" ideas. … [Read more...]

Custom Airbrushed Jet Ski

Here you can see a custom painted (airbrush) Jet Ski done by artist Michael Talo.  Sea Turtle theme. Contact Mike Talo for a quote on your own project. More custom airbrush art by Mike Talo. … [Read more...]